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Epoxy Crack filling

The new introduce products is content 3 pack (EPOXY + HARDNER + QUARTZ).
The product is useful for filling wide through cracks manually. It is use full to joint wall and pillar's joint also useful for wider crack in wall. Or any concrete structure.


  • It is useful for filling wider & through crack in Pillar, Beam, Slab, Or Walls.
  • Useful in grouting of footing of foundation for pillar.


  • After cleaning the crack by wire brush Apply one coat of PRIMER on both the edge of crack.
  • Mix Epoxy and Hardener with throaty staring manually. Then add quartz as per proportion.
  • Apply the mortar in cracks with iron trowel manually.


Clean all the tools with methyl ethyl Kenton or any solvents.


Compressive strength (ASTM D 695) 6000 psi.
Tensile Strength (ASTM D 638) 3500 psi.
Tensile Strength (ASTM C 190) 1200 psi @ 24 Hrs.

Note: This leaflet is for reference and does not give description of goods.

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