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GAYFANE (Epoxy Screed)

GAYFANE, the standard corro-proof epoxy resin base cement is non-porous, thermo-setting and nontoxic in nature. When set and hardened it become extremely tough and lasting. The resultant mass is dense impermeable and resistant to most of the strong acids, mild oxidizing agents, solvents, salts, oils and weak alkaline solutions it has appreciable plasticity as compared to most of the cements based in resins is also excellent for resisting thermal shocks and vibrations. This cements possesses a strong adhesion to steel tanks, aluminium lined tanks and aluminium vessels, and other metal equipments. GAYFANE is not recommended for strong alkalise, oxidizing agents and applications where the temperatures exceed 150°c.

PHYSICAL & CHEMICAL PROPERTIES (when completely set)

Colour White / Brown
Density 1lbs / cu. ft. 106
Compressive strength 500 kg/cm2
Percentage of water absorption 1.0
Temperature resistance 100°C


Resistant to non-oxidizing acids, alkalise, salts and solvents.      


GAYFANE MORTAR prepared by combining one part of syrup and to 5 parts of powder and catalyst to form a workable mixture      


  • Transfer calculated quantity of GAYFANE liquid in a shallow mixing pan..
  • Add 1% hardener to the liquid and the desired amount of GAYFANE powder and mix thoroughly to get a smooth mortar of desired consistency.
  • Mix thoroughly till the mortar is free from lumps and entrapped air.
  • Before preparing further batches in the same pan make sure that the GAYFANE MORTAR of the previous batch is removed from the pan.


Buttered GAYFANE MORTAR on acid proof bricks using general brick laying method.

GAYFANE is specially suited for the construction of monolithic lining by their very nature produce a joint less structure which claimants the necessity of using tiles and bricks. Monolithic lining thus produce stringer structure than are possible with jointed constructions.      


To Store GAYFANE Powder and Liquid use dry place.      


50 Kgs. plastic lined gunny bags Powder
5 Kgs. carboy Liquid
3 Kgs. Catalyst (hardener) in carboy  

Powder, liquid and hardener are supplied in separate containers for on the spot mixing.      


Tanks of surfaces lined with GAYFANE can be used in the following industries.
Area Ted water industry, Breweries, Chemical industries, Dairies, Food & Provision industry, Petroleum industry, Pharmaceutical industry.

Note: This leaflet is for reference and does not give description of goods.

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