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GAYFUR - CC ® (Carbon Furan)
Graphite Carbon Filled Hydro Fluoric resistant Mortar (Tailor made Product)

GAYFUR -CC (Carbon filled) furfural resin cement mortar, it is best resistant cement against hydro fluoric (HF) acid, Florid salt, Phosphoric acid, Nitric and other strong alkalise. When caustic lay and sulphuric acid are together (Aqua Regia) this mortar works excellently. GAYFUR S- CC is best where high thermal and erosion resistance required especially in floor, sumps, neutralization pits (ETP), of Pickling area of steel plants, chemical process industries, fertilizers, and petrochemicals, With Carbon brick or Red mandana stone, joining of acid resistance stone ware pipes etc. The preparation and application of GAYFUR - CC mortar is same as GAYFUR mortar, but the setting period of GAYFUR - CC is very by effect of temperature of surrounding atmosphere. In below room temperature to get fast setting of GAYFUR - CC, Warm the area where lining to be done by heaters / flood lamps etc., Mixing of powder and liquid in warm area. Store powder and liquid in warm area before prepare mixture for butter on tiles, bricks or Red Mandana stone.
Storage life of GAYFUR - CC is 6 months since its store in seal pack condition.


Working time (min at 75°F) 30 Minute
Compressive Strength kg/cm2 @ 75°F ( at 7 days ) 700
Flexural Strength kg/cm2 @ 75°F ( at 7 days) 120
Bond Strength kg/cm2 @ 75°F ( at 15 days) 15
Water Absorption "%" 0.1

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