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GAYLASTIC Primer & Compound

GAYLASTIC primer and compound are produced out of blown grade bitumen and when applied to concrete from an effective impervious membrane possessing mass resistant to water solutions of non-oxidizing acids, salts and alkalise. GAYLASTIC compound is always applied after the GAYLASTIC Bitumen primer coat and when used with directions will given a 5 mm. thick membrane free from imperfections application of GAYLASTIC PRIMER gives better resistance acid and alkali vaporous, fumes etc. on structure machineries, concrete etc.


Concrete tanks manholes, floors to which GAYKLASTIC is to be applied must be given sand finish and is produced by one pass with a steel trowel and all loose particles and dust brushed from the surface before the use of GAYLASTIC Primer and Compound. The primer and compound should not be applied on green concrete.


Please make sure that the surface is free from cracks grease dust and all foreign materials. GAYLASTIC primer is applied with a brush and allowed to dry at least 2 hours for each cost. If the temperature is above 70°F the primer will become tack free in a shorter time.


If you find GAYLASTIC primer too viscous for application, thin it with turpentine or white petrol. In any circumstance do not add kerosene or diesel oil.

GAYLSTIC primer contains a volatile solvent, so keep sparks and open fire away from it.


GAYLASTIC Primer surface should be totally dry before the application of GAYLASTIC compound. Heat the compound until it is hot enough to flow like water. Pour workable quality of melted compound on concrete coated with primer and spread it out uniformly in thin layers. The squeegee used for spreading should be straight aged piece or Maisonette to such size as to be able to be manipulated with one hand first few layers should be thin enough so that all bubbles resulting from the freeing of air and moisture entrapped in the concrete will be broken. After this thicker coats may be applied.

Fine silica powder can be sprinkled on GAYLASTIC to make non-sticky to worker's shoes. If silica powder is used in between layers, clean it out fully or the two layers will not adhere to each other.

80Kgs. of GAYLASTIC compound is sufficient to make 5 mm thick floor of 100 sq. ft. area.

Tools, brushed hand etc. can be cleaned by kerosene or petrol.

Materials Qty. required for 100 sq. ft. Surface Our Packing
GAYLASTIC Primer 7.5 Ltr 20 Ltr. Drum
GAYLASTIC compound 80 kgs. Bage of 50 Kgs.


GAYLASTIC is not recommended for preparing facing surface and it must to be protected by acid bounded with suitable acid proof cement.

Note: This leaflet is for reference and dose not give description of goods.

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