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GAYNUT - Y ® (CNSL Mortar)
Acid and Alkali Resistant Cement Mortar

GAYNUT - Y is a Silica filled, cashew-nut oil base resin. Non-porous, self-hardening and relatively plastic in nature. When GAYNUT-Y set and cooled, impermeable dense cement is obtained.

GAYNUT - Y is resistant to a wide range of acid, alkalise, water, hydrofluoric acid up to 40% concentrations: GAYNUT-Y provides an excellent Protection against hydrofluoric and nitric acids in the treatment of stainless steel (where tank lining are constructed with CARBON BRICKS)

GAYNUT - Y can be used in laying and pointing of acid proof bricks and tiles for the construction of acid and alkali resistant tank linings, flooring surfaces, GAYNUT - Y can be safely used as jointing material for jointing pipes line transporting corrosive fluids like alkalies, solvents, acids and oils.


Colour Black
Porosity Non-porous
Compressive strength (week) 360 kg/cm2
Percentage of Water absorption (max%) 0.9
Density 94 lbs./cu. ft.
Temperature resistance 190°C
Mixing Ratio (Powder: Solution) 3:1


Powder Syrup
3 Kgs. 1 Kg.

Packing : - 50 Kg. Bag for powder and 20/200 Ltr. MS Drum

No other ingredient should be added to the mix powder should be added to the syrup during mixing.     


  • Place desired amount of GAYNUT - Y syrup in a mixing pan.
  • Add desired amount of GAYNUT - Y powder to GAYNUT - Y syrup and mix thoroughly to from a smooth mortar (should be free from lumps and entrapped air).
  • Prepare only sufficient quantity of the mortar which can be utilized in 20 minutes as mortar will start setting in about 20 minutes and gradually stiffen.
  • Remove GAYNUT - Y mortar from pan before another batch is mixed.


  • Only sufficient quality of GAYNUT - Y mortar should be made at a time which can be utilized in 20 minutes.
  • On completion of joining of laying of acid resisting bricks or tiles the entire job should be left undisturbed for at least 78 hours.
  • In order to achieve the almost toughness coupled with the highest chemical resistance, the work should be subjected to a hot water treatment (40°c) until the pointing becomes hard.
  • Utilize GAYNUT - Y preparations within three months.
  • Apply corrosion-proof GAYNUT- Y primer to metal or concrete surfaces before GAYNUT- Y mortar is applied to it.
  • Use enameled vessel for preparing GAYNUT - Y mortar.

Note: This leaflet is for reference and does not give description of goods.


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