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GAYNUT - Y ® (CNSL Mortar) - Acid and Alkali Resistant Cement Mortar

GAYNUT - Y is a Silica filled, cashew-nut oil base resin. Non-porous, self-hardening and relatively plastic in nature. When GAYNUT-Y set and cooled, impermeable dense cement is obtained.

GAYNUT - Y is resistant to a wide range of acid, alkalise, water, hydrofluoric acid up to 40% concentrations: GAYNUT-Y provides an excellent Protection against hydrofluoric and nitric acids in the treatment of stainless steel (where tank lining are constructed with CARBON BRICKS) Read more...

GAYREX ® (Silicate) – Acid and Alkali Resistant Silicate Cement

GAYREX the standard silicate cement was developed to solve corrosion problem involving oxidizing acids. It is the only cement that will resist high temperatures above 900 0C and highly concentrated solutions. It is specially recommended for the construction of Chimneys, Incinerators, Roasters and other high temperature equipments. Due to its high porosity and relatively low strength. Read more...

GAYFUR ® (Furan) – Furfural Resin base Acid and Alkali Resistant Cement Mortar

GAYFUR Furfural resin cement, has been turned the nearest approach to completely corrosion resistant cement, it is versatile cement in the entire range, which would not only with sand non -oxidizing acids, solvents, salts and grease but also alkalis and detergents at temperatures up to 170 °C.

This cement made it possible to use single cement to lent greater versatility to the design processing equipment and structures providing protection against future changes in processing as well as errors in existing operation. This cement also with stands alternating acid and alkali condition.Read more...

GAYFUR - CC ® (Carbon Furan)
Graphite Carbon Filled Hydro Fluoric (HF) resistant Mortar (Tailor made Product)

GAYFUR -CC (Carbon filled) furfural resin cement mortar, it is best resistant cement against hydro fluoric (HF) acid, Florid salt, Phosphoric acid, Nitric and other strong alkalise. When caustic lay and sulphuric acid are together (Aqua Regia) this mortar works excellently.

GAYFUR S- CC is best where high thermal and erosion resistance required especially in floor, sumps, neutralization pits (ETP), of Pickling area of steel plants, chemical process industries, fertilizers, and petrochemicals, With Carbon brick or Red mandana stone, joining of acid resistance stone ware pipes etc. Read more...


GAYLASTIC primer and compound are produced out of blown grade bitumen and when applied to concrete from an effective impervious membrane possessing mass resistant to water solutions of non-oxidizing acids, salts and alkalise. GAYLASTIC compound is always applied after the GAYLASTIC Bitumen primer coat and when used with directions
will given a 5 mm.

GAL - SL (Epoxy Self Levelling)

GAL -SL is based on high performance epoxy resin & curing agents. GAL - SL is a three-component system, Containing of resin, curing agent and carefully graded iron free fillers. Product is self-levelling to achieve excellent gloss, attractive, hygienic and very hardwearing & chemical resistant finish. Read more...

GAYFANE (Epoxy Screed)

GAYFANE, the standard corro-proof epoxy resin base cement is non-porous, thermo-setting and nontoxic in nature. When set and hardened it become extremely tough and lasting. The resultant mass is dense impermeable and resistant to most of the strong acids, mild oxidizing agents, solvents, salts, oils and weak alkaline solutions it has appreciable plasticity as compared to most of the cements based in resins is also excellent for resisting thermal shocks and vibrations.

This cements possesses a strong adhesion to steel tanks, aluminium lined tanks and aluminium vessels, and other metal equipments.Read more...

Epoxy Grouting – Primer & Injection Grouting Liquid

Above products is especially prepared for prior application of cracks before Mortar Grouting & for Injection Grouting with pressure machine. The product is low viscosity Liquid and easy flow able through injection pressure gun.Read more...

Epoxy Crack filling

The new introduce products is content 3 pack (EPOXY + HARDNER + QUARTZ). The product is useful for filling wide through cracks manually. It is use full to joint wall and pillar's joint also useful for wider crack in wall. Or any concrete structure.Read more...

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